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Hunter Settlers in Canada – 18th-c

William Hunter, who arrived in Nova Scotia in 1749

Mrs. Elizabeth Hunter U.E. who arrived at Port Roseway [Shelburne], Nova Scotia on October 26, 1783 was passenger number 330 aboard the ship “HM Clinton”, picked up on September 28, 1783 at Staten Island, New York

Mr. David Hunter U.E. who settled in Eastern District [Cornwall], Ontario c. 1784

Mr. David Hunter U.E. who settled in Edwardsburgh-Cardinal, Leeds & Grenville, Ontario c. 1784 he resettled in South Gower

Mr. David Hunter U.E. who settled in Canada c. 1784

Hunter Settlers in US – 19th-c

Ann Hunter, aged 22, arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1803

Edward Hunter, aged 34, landed in America in 1803

David Hunter, aged 24, arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1803

Alexr Hunter, aged 21, arrived in New York, NY in 1804

Eleanor Hunter, who landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1811

Hunter Settlers in US – 18th-c

Grace Hunter, who landed in Virginia in 1702

Patrick Hunter, who arrived in Maryland in 1716

Henry Hunter, who arrived in Maryland in 1738

Anthony Hunter, who landed in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania in 1740

Samuel Hunter, who landed in Maryland in 1744

The Great Migration

Many who arrived from Scotland settled along the east coast of North America in communities that would go on to become the backbones of the young nations of the United States and Canada. In the American War of Independence, many settlers who remained loyal to England went north to Canada as United Empire Loyalists. Their descendants later began to recover the lost Scottish heritage through events such as the highland games that of North America in the summer months. Research into various historical records revealed some of first members of the Hunter family emigrate to North America:

Hunter Settlers in United States in the 17th Century

Elizabeth and Francis Hunter arrived in Virginia in 1635

Christian Hunter settled in Boston in 1635

Christian Hunter, aged 20, arrived in America in 1635

Eliz Hunter, aged 18, landed in New England in 1635

James Hunter settled in Virginia in 1653