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Robert Caldwell Hunter, 25th Laird

When Robert Caldwell Hunter was born on October 1, 1799, in Ayrshire, his mother, Eleanora, was 34. He married Christian Macknight Crawford on November 25, 1836, in West Kilbride, Ayrshire. He die March 14, 1880, in West Kilbride, Ayrshire, having lived a long life of 80 years.

Valuation Rolls

Gould Hunter-Weston




Lieutenant Colonel Hunter-Weston Gould

Farms and Houses


Mains Part

Miln and mid

Mains South


Hunterston and Gulls Walk

Ayr County

West Kilbride Parish

Ref VR90/112/523





Hunterston Castle

Hunterston Castle is located near West Kilbride in Ayrshire. It was originally surrounded by a moat for extra protection.  The “great hall” was added on in the 16th century.DSC04007

The Huntar, 7th Laird

The First Interregnum when the Kingship of Scotland was in question.  Edward I ‘The Hammer of the Scots’ reigned at this time in England.  John Balliol (1292-1296) was made King of Scotland by Edward I.