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Memories of a Pastor

While living in Florida and working for the Walt Disney Travel Company, my family and I attended the Northland Community Church in Longwood, just north of Orlando, Florida. Joel Carl Hunter (born April 18, 1948 in Shelby, Ohio), was our Pastor.

During that time in my life I had put genealogy aside and today I remember attending Dr. Hunter’s church and even gave my life to Christ even though I had been a member of the Asbury Methodist Church in Charleston, West Virginia.

While doing my One-Name Study for my Hunter surname, I thought of Dr. Joel Hunter.
He is a Hunter afterall. So today I want to say personally I have a Hunter whom I am very proud to have met while living in Florida and hope someday to attend a Sunday service given by him at his church, Northland.

To read his biography please visit Joel Hunter – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.