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Hunters in Ireland

Andrew Hunter, of County Londonderry, Ireland, was born in 1640, and it was the family tradition that his birthplace was the ancestral home of the Hunters of Hunterston in Scotland. His son, Hugh, married Isabella Semple, and their son, David Hunter, lived in York county, Pennsylvania. He married Martha McIlhenny in 1745. He was a captain of a York county Company in the French and Indian War, and a member of the expedition against Fort Duquesne. Capt. Hunter mysteriously disappeared in the summer of 1776, and his family never saw or heard from him again. His fate was not known until nearly a century afterward, when, on the destruction of an old house in the Valley of Virginia by Union soldiers, a paper was discovered concerning him.

Burke’s “Landed Gentry”

States that “two ancient families of the name of Hunter existed in Scotland for many centuries.” These were the Hunters of Tweeddale, now extinct, and the Hunters of Hunterston, who owned the present estates as early as the time of Alexander II, King of Scotland. In 1375 William Hunter obtained a charter from King Robert II, for a part of the Barony of Arnele. These lands are now known as Campbellton, and are still possessed by the family.

The Hunter Family

The Hunter family is of royal descent from King Edward I, of England, through his second son, Edmund, Earl of Kent, whose daughter, Lady Joan Plantagenet, was the wife of Thomas, Lord Holland. Her great-great-granddaughter, Princess Jane Stuart, became the wife of George Gordon, second Earl of Huntly and Lord Chancellor. Their daughter, Lady Isabel Gordon, was married to William Hay, third Earl of Erroll. Their great-grandson, Andrew Hay, became the seventh Earl. By his wife, Lady Agnes Sinclair, daughter of the fourth Earl of Caithness, he had a son, Hon. Sir George Hay, of Killour, who married Elizabette, daughter of Sir Patrick Cheyne, of Esselmont. Their daughter, Anne, became the wife of William Moray of Abercairney, who died in 1642. Their son, Robert Moray, was knighted by Charles I. His daughter, Anne, married David Graham, of Fintry, ninth in descent from Sir William Graham of Kincardine and the Lady, Mary Stuart. Their daughter, Amelia Graham, became the wife of Alexander Hunter, of Blackness, County Forfar, in 1741.

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