Colonial Timelines

Historic Insight

Andrew Hunter (1750-1823) lived in York, Pennsylvania in 1750 as American colonists created the foundation of a burgeoning new country.

Before the start of the Revolutionary War the population of the thirteen colonies was estimated to be about 2.1 million.  1775

Tensions often boiled over as the English, French, and Spanish tried to divide the territory with Native Americans.  The cultural differences between the groups made many Americans began reconsidering their place within the British Empire. 1757

Colonial women mostly worked inside the home, preparing meals and raising children.  During the period, many also participated in cottage industry, spinning yarn that would be woven into textiles.  About 1790

In general, American colonists used the English system of currency: pounds, shillings, and pence.  The U.S. dollar didn’t come into being until 1785 when the Continental Congress made it the new country’s official money.  December 31, 1763.




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